Perspective of British Hindus Living in Cardiff, Wales

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  • Published : August 17, 2008
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This is a brief perspective of British Hindus living in Cardiff, Wales. Indian immigration to the UK increased significantly in the 1960s and 1970s mainly doctors immigrating to fill the shortage of doctors. Indians living in Cardiff are the most successful community than any other ethnic community in Wales making them in a good financial position and influence in many political aspects of Cardiff. Most of them are well-educated, hard working, and honest and have the advantage of English as their first and second languages.

Most of the Indians are first generation specially doctors. They believe in family values, are committed to their children's future, not only in terms of their education but culture. As all expatriates one thing do worry them is about their children’s future. How can they be successful, incorporate into the British society and at the same time maintain their Hinduness. They are undoubtedly concerned about their Hindu way of life being trampled by pop culture. Although Hindu worship is generally a private and personal thing it has become community worship for many expatriates that is quite understandable. Many Hindu parents do not have the time to bring their children up in a traditional Hindu way as they are concerned about their financial future only to realise later that their children are diverting away from the Hindu religion. Being a Hindu in Cardiff is different than being a Hindu in India. Indians are surrounded by a sea of religion in India hence there is no need to cling on to it. All Hindu parents want their children to maintain ties with their families back in India, learn Hindi and the Hindu way of life. Hence to preserve this Indian culture and religion several temples and societies have sprung up. One such organization is the “India centre” with integrated “Wales Hindu society”.

Some of the activities carried out by the India centre is spiritual talks by invited spiritual leaders or gurus, cultural programs such Garba...
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