Perspective Journal: the Hunger Games Catching Fire

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Perspective Journal
Entry 1:
Today Katniss and Peeta were at the Capitol for the Victory Tour. When they were being interviewed Peeta proposed to Katniss! Even worse Katniss said yes! I thought all of it was an act for the Games. Katniss said it was so why in the world would they be getting married now? The Games are over. Their strategy shouldn’t be needed anymore. Katniss can’t really be in love with Peeta can she? She couldn’t have lied to me that it was all an act during the Games. If they are actually going to get married it has to be an act. Katniss said it was an act and I believe her so it has to be fake. Peeta and Katniss must have to get married for a very important cause. They can’t go through with it though right? If they do get married I’ll never even get a chance to be with Katniss. Her and Peeta will always have to be together and then we will lose whatever we have together right now! Entry 2:

This morning Katniss told me that President Snow threatened to kill me and our families! She wants us to run away with our families. I liked the thought of this because I wanted to run away before the Games ever happened. Then, she said she wanted to bring Haymitch, Peeta, and his family too. This set me off because this could have been my chance for it to be just Katniss and me with no other distractions. I could do with Haymitch coming but not Peeta. I don’t like Peeta being around Katniss at all. I feel like he is pulling her away from me and towards him. She put the great thought in my head. Her family and mine getting out of District 12 and living in the woods. Then, she just blasted it away by wanting to bring Peeta and his family with. Sometimes I just wish Peeta would have been killed in the arena. Demolished Entry 3:

On my way back from my talk with Katniss in the woods I killed a wild turkey. I thought I would take it to Cray since he likes them and pays well. I went to his door and knocked but it wasn’t him that answered. A different person wearing the head peacekeeper outfit answered it. He was a tall, well built, mean looking man. Before I could say a word my hands were cuffed behind my back! I told the new peacekeeper that I saw the wild turkey and stabbed it with a stick. It’s a far less of a crime than to be hunting in the woods. He brought me to the square and tied my hands to a pole. The new head peacekeeper made me confess to killing the turkey and then began to whip me. Agonizing pain shot through me. It kept coming time after time. I had never felt any kind of pain like this before. I remember getting really light headed and then the next thing I know I’m at Katniss’ house. Entry 4:

Tonight there was a mandatory programming for Katniss’ wedding dresses. Watching her on the TV looking so beautiful in all of the wedding dresses gave me a perplexed feeling. I got angry watching her. She told me that she picked me over Peeta so why can’t she and Peeta call off the wedding now? They were only doing it to try to break the tension in some of the districts which failed. What’s the point of still getting married now? The only one I could think of is to keep the Capitol people happy and they shouldn’t need to anymore. It seems like everything that Peeta is involved with gets me stressed out and unhappy. Entry 5:

Tonight after the show for Katniss’ wedding dresses President Snow announced how the games would work this year for the Quarter Quell. He said that one boy and one girl tribute will be chosen from the existing pool of victors. When I realized that Katniss is the only female victor from District 12 and would have to go back into the Hunger Games I was in shock. I sat there watching the TV in disbelief. How could it be that Katniss is going to be taken away from me just like that? Right after she chose me over Peeta! It’s no fair! My feelings are so strong for Katniss now. I can’t imagine watching her die in the Games. She has to win again. She just has to! Entry 6:

Today was the...
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