Personnel Resourcing and Development

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Performance management Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: April 8, 2013
For an organisation, motivation tends to add on the productivity and performance of employees. It is the motivation of employees that enable them to put in their maximum efforts for the purpose of achieving their organizational objectives. Motivated employees give their best performances for the tasks that are allocated to them. For the purpose of inducing motivation among employees proper planning is done (Lauby 2005). With the help of this planning, strategies of motivation are implemented in an effective manner; it would result in an increase in the productivity by giving in the same level of inputs and this results in more work done by employees. This increase in the level of performance of employees is the result of increased level of motivation and engagement that helps them to perform their role in an effective manner. These engaged employees are involved in the roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them and aim at the accomplishment of their tasks in an enthusiastic manner. They feel committed to their work and are satisfies with their roles and responsibilities of the job (Griffin 2009). In this case, there have been various approaches that are used by organisations and provide the ways in which enhancement of motivation and performance of employees is done for the purpose of creating an engaged workforce. One such approach is used by Nampak Plastics and another approach is used by Ginsters. Comparison and Contrast

Different organisations use different approaches for the purpose of motivating their employees in order to enhance their productivity and performance. Organisations undertake various actions regarding the development of an engaged workforce so that the output of the organisation in enhanced with the same level of inputs. Ginster is an organisation that is based in Cornwall in England. It is known as the largest company that is involved in making and selling of pasty in the UK. There have been various challenges that...
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