Personnel Management vs Human Resource Management

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Self evaluation

Prior to starting my assignment, I have researched and assessed various organisations to develop my case study and my choice was based on the proximity to one organisation I currently volunteer.

Gathering information from the charity I volunteer was rather easy having access to the date I found it easy to select which information to collect and apply into my assignment.

However, I had also provided information based on my personal experience.

Through my assignment, I have used varied material sources such as, the lecture handouts, text books, the internet, articles, journals and personal experience. However, the lecture handouts were the most effective and straight forward as I was able to follow the template and apply it into my assignment by giving examples, where as text books had broader information, where I was able to get full extended information but had to do more reading that I would like to in order to gather one aspect of a concept.

In addition, my internet research reservations was the accuracy, validity as well as how updated it was, therefore, I looked for definitions rather than theories online, due to the language barrier and English not being my mother tongue, I was required to use dictionaries very often to define certain terms, I was unable to understand otherwise and could undermine further the assignment content and would ultimately lead me to the wrong direction and deliver wrong information.

My time management was poor, which I intend to improve on my next assignments in other to give myself the spare time necessary researching, gather relevant information and receiving lecturers’ feedback before submitting my assignments.


Over the past twenty two years, since the world moved from personnel management, traditionally defined as “the task of ensuring the optimum use of human resources to the mutual benefit of the enterprise, each person and the community at large” Armstrong (1997), to embrace human resource management, defined as “a strategic approach to acquiring, developing, managing, motivating and gaining the commitment of the organisation’s key resource – the people who work in and for it” Armstrong (1997), which functions are primarily concerned with putting “people first” and at the same time securing management objectives by maximising the ROI (Return on Investment). The manager in HRM is recognised as a holder of an organisation, which achieves organisational objectives through people, therefore, the support of a skilled and motivated workforce to put goals, knowledge and experience into practice, the complementation of efficiency levels can make or break an organisation. Personnel manager’s main job was to ensure that the needs of the workforce as they relate to their immediate concerns were taken care of, it was more administrative, which included recruitment and selection, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative tasks. Further, personnel managers typically played the role of mediators between the management and the employees and hence there was always the feeling that personnel management was not in harmony with the objectives of the management and many employers today have no training or knowledge of how to reward and treat employees as the key resource, for developing mutuality by concentrating on fostering their commitment and identification with the organisation through communicating well, involving them in organisational decisions, emphasising management and motivation strategic approach in order to retain them, even though most workplaces increased the importance of these concepts.

Research methodology

Secondary research
* Books;
* Articles;
* Reports;
* Online CIPD
In order to...
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