Personnel Administration

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Recruitment Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: July 10, 2011
What is Personnel Administration? What are the functions of Personnel Administration? The administration of staff in an organization or well known as Personnel Administration.It is one of the most important factor in management of the human resources.Personnel Administration are subject to the following matters such as recruitment,selection,development,usage or allocation and provision of certain benefits and needs for human resource of the organization.Apart from the above mentioned norm of the Personnel Administration,other responsibility must be considered such as personnel motivation.This is because,personnel motivation can guarantee the efficiency and productivity of the organization.(Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg.69,6.0).However,it is depend on how their done it,meaning to say,how and what types or method their use to make their staff motivated.For example,either by giving their staff bonuses in addition of salary or promote the individual that has contribute many to their department or organization.(Chua Kim Hing,lecture). Based on my understanding and fact,there is no difference between the public personnel administration and private personnel administration,except the responsibility of the public sector is far wide and difficult in nature because of its large size.(Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg.69,6.1 & Chua Kim Hing,lecture).In Malaysia,the public service department(PSD) undertakes the main function of the personnel administration.Public Service Department responsible in emulating certain policies with concern to personnel and its personnel administration from recruitment until retirement level.(Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg.69,6.1).In addition,human resource is important as other form of technologies and it must not be neglected.The organization productivity remains the sole ability of the human resources.If the workers are served well, such as considerable wages,sufficient rest time,provision of medical benefits and others, as well as...
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