Personalized Perfumes

Topics: Perfume, Fragrance oil, Aroma compound Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Personalized Perfumes
With the advent of customized user products, people around the world try to make their lifestyle the way they like. Personalized perfume is one of them. A personalized perfume is one that is made for special purpose for only for a fraction of people or even for individual persons. These include certain engraving, custom perfume bottle designs, individual’s name, some sentiments, wishes or even something that is memorable for a group of people. Higher level of customization includes unique bottle design and most important personalized perfumes have their unique fragrance. Most commonly some engraving or some piece of writing is done on demand. The purpose is to provide something that surpasses a regular, ordinary perfume bottle. For example an anniversary gift may have some sentiments on the perfume bottle for your loved one. Some birthday gift can have some wishes or the name of the person the perfume is presented. It proves to be a memorable gift or possession for somebody. Nowadays all the major perfume and cosmetic brands offer quite enhanced level of personalized perfumes with a little cost above the base price. The cost of a personalized perfume may vary depending upon the mode of customization required by the customer. These brands mainly offer unique fragrance, especially formulated for a unique perfume. There fragrances are formulated for customers to meet the kind of personality they have. One may not find a fragrance that exactly represents his personality. A Personalized perfume is actually brought to existence for such passionate people. Major ingredients of a fragrance are provided at test levels that are used to formulate a special fragrance. Once tested, these ingredients can be mixed according to those formulations, which give a person a fragrance, not to be forgotten. These perfumes are made to exactly correspond to the personality of the individual using it. The other purpose of formulating these perfumes is to be fit in a...
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