Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
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August, 28 2011
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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
There are so many different diets and exercise plans in the world today. With any of these though there is no absolute guarantee they are going to work on every person. Everyone is unique in how their bodies respond to certain things. There are two things one can do to ensure healthy eating. The first is hiring a professional and the second is trial and error. Try something for a few weeks to a couple months to see if they are effective and if not move on to the next. Before trying anything new though a doctor should be contacted first. With a poor nutrition and exercise habit there are a number of health problems that can affect you. Obesity is a major health factor in our society and affects millions of people in one way or another. “Slightly more than one in four Americans were obese in 2009, and nine states had obesity rates of 30 percent (Grady, 2008).” This is shocking considering the obesity rate was below 30 percent in all states and most state had a rate of 25 percent or less (Grady, 2008). There are heart problem that come with obesity as well. Some of the heart problems that can be caused by obesity are heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. There are several individuals in my family that are overweight to obese. My mother has been suffering from obesity for 35 years now. Along with obesity she also has had several heart attacks in which one a few years ago required two stints put into her heart. Since that heart attack her weight gain has increased and now she has high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Medications help regulate these effects but a healthier diet and more exercise would also help these as well. Some obesity can be cause by thyroid problems. I am slightly overweight but not by much. I could lose about 15 pounds and be much healthier as far as that goes. These past nine weeks of this...
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