Personality Traits Developed by Arts and Sports

Topics: Personality psychology, Need, Self-esteem Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Students who have been involved in sports or the arts have benefited from their experiences by showing many personality traits that are closely related with those of these activities. A lot of the different situations I have faced in these instances have made the the person I am today. Some of the attributes could be leadership, self disipline, reliabllity, and thoughtfulness.

The first of the attibutes listed is leadership. This trait can be obtained in many ways throught sports and arts. Leadership has made me the person I am by showing that anyone can be a leader. I can take charge in stressful situations and in groups. You can not be a sucsessful group without a strong leader or else there will be a lack of direction for anyone to follow.

The second trait listed is disipline. This trait is obtained through hard work and dedication through sports, and arts. Disipline is one of the mos important traits you need in order to excel in anything you want to persue. Whether that thing tyou want to persue is in sports, arts, or something outside of that, disipline is one of, if not the most, important trait you need to succeed in life.

The third trait listed is reliability. Reliability is a very important trait to carry with you through life. If a person is relying on you to get something done and you dont do it to their expectations, or don't do it at all, that person will no longer put their trust in you to do future tasks. For example, if a teacher tells you that you have 2 weeks to do a project, and you wait till the last day to just knock it out and it is very bad or you just dont do it at all, that teacher will look at you as a slacker and wont give you a break if you turn in something late.

The last trait is thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness is a trait that is found through personal experience in or out of sports and the arts. Thoughtfulness is a very important thing to learn if you want to get ahead in your sport, art, work, or just life I general....
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