Personality Traits

Topics: Leisure, Personality psychology, Psychology Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Perhaps the most significant realization that an individual can make in regard to his or her personal growth is that success and happiness can not be achieved through a single formula. This means that several strategies should be used in addressing the challenges in life in order to achieve the desired goals. It is for this reason that I do believe in the fact that, “joy, Jesus, others and yourself is key to having happiness in all circumstances”. Success and happiness begins with understanding your personality since you can only make a difference if you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Thus I do consider my personality traits to be the key determinants of success and happiness in my life. My personality traits have helped me to make a difference in my life and this can be explained as follows.

Being Determined

Determination has always been the driving force in my life since all my accomplishments are attributed to it. Being a single mother of two, I have had to work very hard in order to meet my financial obligations over the years. Despite the numerous financial challenges that I have always faced, I have been able to support my two daughters. Even though I am proud of this accomplishment, I am not satisfied with my current financial status. This means that I am tired of struggling financially and I am determined to get a better job in the future. It is for this reason that I have had to complete my studies. It is through determination that I have succeeded in getting a collage degree twenty years after graduating from high school. Although it has taken me a very long time to complete my studies, the achievement has given me the encouragement to continue working towards my future goals. Thus I do believe that I will be able to realize my dream of developing a career in radiology through determination.

Being Adventurous

As an adventurous person, I am always willing to try new things in all aspects of my life. I am particularly very...
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