Personality Traits

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s personality type

One of my strong personality traits that describe who I am is that I am very self motivated and not easily influenced by people who can’t give me helpful advice. I have a strong self will about me that keeps me going. I have a passion to own my own business one day and being in school will motivate me even more to push to that goal. By defining my personality traits I am able to learn more who I am as a person. I feel my self growing stronger every day. I also am very organized at what I do. Being organized helps me to move more easily throughout my busy schedule . Being unorganized throws me off track. I stay motivated wherever I go and in whatever I am doing. Others will start to notice your determination and motivation no matter what the circumstances. Not all of my personality traits are positive ones. I have some such as I tend to reject change at times and get a little pride full at times. T.D Jakes once said in a quote that pride has caused the fall of many great and gifted individuals. I refuse for that to be me , I am destined for greatness. Sometimes I can find myself being unfocused and my mind gets scattered when unexpected events pop up like exp. funeral or sometimes family reunion. My family is very big so I must maintain a very positive personality. I have a smaller generation that looks up to me and that may one day come to me for guidance. I have a twin brother, and we are very alike on the outside but we have very different personality traits that make us very different. I am very proud to open my mind and finally move toward to my dream of owning my own business. My strong self will trait in business is at use. I really hope to empower my personality traits so that they may better cope with this economically challenging time in my life. Determination is another one of my strong personality traits when I have something that needs to be done in a timely manner; I am determined to get it done...
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