Personality Traits

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Trait theory, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Personality Traits
There may be no such thing as a perfect partner, but everyone dreams of an ideal partner they want to marry and spend their whole life with. Although, we seek out specific qualities that are significant to us alone but there are certain characteristics both the partners can aim at to make the relationship successful and last longer. I always thought of my ideal partner as an honest, trustworthy, agreeable, open and respectful man. According to the traits I am moderate on most of the factors, since I am independent, agreeable, organized and trusting woman. Of course, I dream of someone of the same or almost the same level of traits as me. I believe, the big five traits are efficient way to test one’s personality.

I mostly describe myself ranging in the moderate level of the traits. For instance, the trait conscientiousness explains me the most because I am organized, since I keep myself planned and structured beforehand. Also, carefulness and disciplined are one of my best personalities as I am well-mannered and cautious about everything I do. Correspondingly, openness and agreeableness describes me well since I am kind-hearted, imaginative, high on novelty preference because different things interest me rather than just paying attention to one same thing and as well as independent where I don’t depend on someone to get my work done. Also I am helping since I help anyone who is in need and try to help people around if I am finished with my work before time. Trusting is one of my best characteristics as well because I trust my boyfriend whenever he goes out without me or whenever he talks, I always end up believing him. Instead, many people would get suspicious and point out problems and create a fight. Neuroticism is one of the traits that I am low on because I am more of a calm and self-satisfied person because I am proud and satisfied with the work I do and I am more likely to stay calm under pressure. Similarly, I am low on extraversion...
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