Personality Theory

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Trait theory, Psychology Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Character Personality Analysis
Elizabeth F.
Psych 504
February 4, 2013

Character Personality Analysis
Leigh Anne Touhy is the fictional representation of the real life Leigh Anne, famed adoptive mother of Michael Oher from the 2009 film The Blind Side. Leigh Anne is a white interior designer, living in the south with her husband and two children. The family is considered to be part of the upper class, and made their money from owning a string of fast food chains. Leigh Anne and her family take in a black homeless boy, Michael, and throughout the film experience a growing love and bond. They eventually adopt Michael and the Leigh Anne becomes a fiercely protective mother. Very little is revealed about her upbringing or background. The only pre-film time period information that is truly shared is her attendance at Ole’ Miss and her career as a cheerleader.

A Sullivan View
Leigh Anne is a deeply devoted, caring and hard working mother, wife and member of her southern community. As open as her heart is, her emotional openness is lacking. When looking at her inability or unwillingness to show emotion, even to her family, Sullivan’s interpersonal theory would view this as a self-security measure (Sullivan, 1953). Leigh Anne strives to always show her “good self”, and while there may be an underlying lack of self esteem, there is a greater desire to protect herself and her loved ones from the bad in the world, including overwhelming feelings of emotion. The anxiety induced by strong feelings of any degree, forces a wall up.

Allport’s Traits in Action
Gordon Allport, considered to be a trait psychologist, categorized a person’s individual traits into three sections, Cardinal, Central, and Secondary (Allport: Psychology of the Individual, 2002). In taking an Allport assessment of Leigh Anne’s traits, one can see what the ruling aspects are and what is more reserved. Cardinal traits fro Leigh Anne seems to be honesty, nurturance, and...
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