Personality Theories Research Paper

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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Personality Thoeries and Dr. John Forbes Nash Jr.

Generally, one is born, cared for, and admitted into what we see as society. We all from initial parting begin to shape and mold how we are and who we will become. We are cared for, commonly undergo schooling, grasp morality and are lead from driving forces, both biological and environmental while continuously (till death) evolve into our personalities. Personality may simply be defined as characteristics and/or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Personality is what makes us all unique, a form of ambiguous and forever changing self, heavily influenced by many internal and external factors, a one of a kind recipe that all cognitive thinking animals acquire making each and every one of them, us, a completely different being. Different experiences, different outlooks, and different cultures, is what make you, us, and I all extraordinary individuals. The following will entail a concise description of the infamous Dr. John Nash, his life, his struggles, but mainly his personality. I will be comparing several examples of his personality to two theorist, Alfred Adler and Gordon Allport.

Dr. John Nash is an American mathematician, born on June 13, 1928 in Westfield Virginia. His father, whom his is named after, was an electrical engineer and his mother, prior to marriage, was a school teacher. Nash grew up a brilliant minded individual, taking several university courses while still in high school, where he was then accepted into the Carnegie Institute of Techonology, graduating with his Masters Degree in only three years. He then applied to Harvard University and Princeton University with a letter of recommendation given to him by his advisor R.J Ruffin simply saying in one self explanatory sentence, “This man is a genius.”. Nash was accepted to both universities but felt Harvard was under appreciating him thus leading him to continue his education at Princeton. John was extremely successful,...
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