Personality Test

Topics: Personality psychology, Person, Personality Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: July 11, 2011
According to my personality test, the result that I have obtained is I am a popular sanguine person. Basically a popular sanguine person is a socially active. They enjoy fun, socializing, chatting, telling stories - and are fond of promising the world, because that's the friendly thing to do. The sanguine personality type is a very fun-loving individual. These people are very easy to pick out in a crowd. The sanguine always has friends around and is compelled to make them laugh. Sanguines are full of energy. They bounce from one activity to another. Craving attention, the sanguine loves to be the star. In all things, he tries to have fun and complete any task at hand “the happy way.” There are some weaknesses in the sanguine personality as well. Because he always wants to be the center of attention, this lively person is many times a show off or class clown. He is restless and frequently leaves projects or goals before completing them. The sanguine is often undisciplined, disorganized and forgetful. The sanguine personality is one that characterizes a person who is warm, friendly and very sensitive. An individual with these traits needs attention and approval from those around him. If you meet an exuberant salesman or a stranger that goes out of the way to meet you, a sanguine personality has just arrived. First sign of me to be a popular sanguine person is I am a playful guy. Most of the time wherever I am, I used to be the playful one. I will make serious situation easy for my friends by my jokes. It’s a useful attitude to overcome stress. Next, I am also a sociable guy. This is proven as I am surrounded by many friends. It is also an advantage in my future as I can adapt new culture and make new friends in foreign countries that I might go. Besides, I am a spontaneous person too. I am a person who won’t think too much to make a decision. Therefore, I tend to be a more straight-forward person in live as people can rely on me to make any decision. Other than...
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