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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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Brittney Hardy 11/21/2011
Psychology Project #1

Part 1

A. Are personality tests useful for making decisions about people now? Personality test can be used to demonstrate correlations between personality dimensions and certain work-related indicators.

B. If such test were perfected, should they be used in future? Yes, these test should be used in the future but only if they are perfected and are both valid and reliable. I think that this will help people recognize their strengths and weaknesses. But I don’t think this should be used to make decisions about people lives.

C. What’s your opinion?
Personally I believe that personality testing can help a person recognize their strengths and weaknesses and make better career choices. This may also help people strive to work on the areas where they are weak. I don’t believe that personality test should be used for criminals. I say that because a person can have a wonderful personality but also may be a murderer, sexual predator, terrorist, etc…. I do think that companies should use these test in hiring because in many situations they may judge a person based on their perception about a person or how they look. This will help them to get to really know a person’s personality and better judge that person.

Part 2

After taking a personality test I strongly agree with the analysis. Based on the number of points totaled at the end of the test I scored a 42. I agree with this analysis because I posses all of these qualities. I find myself to be popular and unintentionally the center of attention but at the same time I am very easy going and not stuck up. Most of the time when someone close to me needs advice or help they usually come to me first. Also whether right or wrong I try to look at situations from both perspectives and not just my own. I’m also usually calm and understanding in...
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