Personality Reflection Paper

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Personality Reflection
Personality reflection is a topic used to help a person come into understanding personality psychology. Also discussion on key personality features that defines the person I am and what key concepts or “constructs” comprised to explain my individual personality? It will further be explained if personality features are consistent or will the features change based on situations or environments changing.

Defining personality is somewhat difficult to define. Although there are several theories within the scientific community by a host of professionals who have looked at the human mind and have discovered certain traits, aspects or habits involving individuals, continues to prove to be a difficult task in reducing to one meaning.

Personality is defining specific characteristic traits or qualities, which make a person who he or she is. Certain characteristics generally classify people from others, such as feelings, behaviors, response to certain actions and reactions.

How a person receives and comprehends information also defines personality along with a person’s nature, taking into account personal experiences, environments, and the way the person was nurtured in one’s spiritual experience. Personality encompasses so much and is so broad that it remains difficult to pinpoint what it means to be a person, a unique living being.
These are some key personality features that defines me. Some are intrapersonal and interpersonal. Other features are being an excellent thinker, giver, and organizer. As a thinker, it is thought that this type loves to explore other ways of completing tasks by thinking outside the box, and is able to examine in detail all aspects of any situation and reach a conclusion.

Others would call me a peace maker because I like to see everyone at peace with each other, in a win-win situation. Two of my favorite sayings are never let anyone dictate your reactions, and always conduct a self...
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