Personality Psychology: Dollard and Pavlov

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Jon Britton
Personality Psychology
Dr Humbert
Case Study #10
Dollard & Pavlov
The first and foremost primary drive shown by Jack is in the form of wanting to maintain a stable life. He has worked himself into a suitable position in the restaurant business and he is driven to succeed by not wanting to fail. His biggest fear is to fail and be a ‘loser’ so this is his main primary drive and it is working well for him.

The way that he reduces this primary drive is he begins to take classes in college in order to advance further in the restaurant industry. These classes will enable him to get a degree and then he will be able to make more money and gain a more stable position.

His primary secondary drive is roughly parallel to his primary in the sense that his fear of not succeeding is driving him to do something outside of his normal operating procedure, that is taking classes in college at an age where he feels that he is too old to do so. Once he starts to partake in the classes he finds that he is doing better than he could have imagined which further compliments the secondary drives at work.

There were definitely cues which helped Jack step outside of his normal boundaries, it came in the form of hearing some of the younger people where he works talk about being in school and getting their degrees. This helped to motivate Jack in making his decision to take the classes, probably because it made him feel younger, and gave him a greater sense of accomplishment when he finally did make the decision to take the classes.

The four main processes underlying the classical conditioning model according to Pavlov are unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned stimulus and conditioned response. These four components, can work in unison to produce the precise conditions necessary for a classical conditioning experiment / environment to take place.
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