Personality Psychology and Social Life

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I am a rare type of personality. I am unique, creative, private, quiet, and socially cautious with unfamiliar people. It takes some time for my true personality to show, this is something only shown to people I truly trust. Inside I am a person of great feeling and care deeply for the people dearest to me. My personal values stand strong and are rarely compromised. I sometimes can let my emotions get the best of me.

My personality result: INFP.
I: Introversion preferred to extraversion
INFPs get their energy from the internal world of thoughts and ideas. They enjoy interacting with small groups of people but find large groups draining. They generally reflect before acting. N: iNtuition preferred to sensation

INFPs are abstract thinkers, placing more trust in flashes of insight than in experience. They are less interested in sensory data than in the patterns perceived by the unconscious mind. INFPs tend to be intellectually restless and they want to change the world. F: Feeling preferred to thinking

INFPs prefer to use their rational feeling function when making decisions. They place more emphasis on the effect that actions have on people than they do on adhering to the rule of logic. They tend to give other people the benefit of the doubt. P: Perception preferred to judgment

INFPs like to keep their options open. They enjoy beginning new projects and exploring opportunities as they arise. INFPs think in terms of possibilities rather than likelihoods
I believe it benefits me to be an introvert in the work place. Many employers value a calm, measured and thoughtful attitude both toward work projects and interactions with colleagues. Without strong impulsive tendencies, I consider my actions and others opinions rather than acting first and thinking later. I listen carefully then develop my ideas independently and reflect on them.

Socially I believe being an introvert is a bit of a down...
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