Personality Psychology and Shrek

Topics: Personality psychology, Big Five personality traits, Trait theory Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: October 29, 2011
The following essay will explain the different personality traits of one a single person that in this case will be Shrek. The approach I will be using is “The big five personality factor” by Cattell. These are Neuroticism, Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Extraversion. Shreak’ personality is not easy to explain because it varies on every condition and changes throughout the movie but I feel that represents each factor very well.

The first diagnosed on his personality was Neuroticism. The movie started with an ugly Ogre with a split personality. He experienced the feeling of anger very easily examples of this was when he saw the fairy tale people in is swamp, he got really upset but at the same time agreed to what they were asking him to do. He was yelling at them to leave the swamp. This can also be seems as agreeableness because he was easily convinced to talked to the prince. He scored high on Neurotism at the beginning of the movie because he showed signs of anxiety and worried about what people thought of him. For example when talking to the Dunkin he expressed his concern of why the Dunkin was around him and not running away from him, like everybody else. Also, Shrek was easily irritated by the Dunkin jokes and constantly used to reject him. It was obvious that he wanted to be alone and didn’t want to have any contact with the outside world. This type of personality trait is usually link to score high on introversion.

Extraversion is characterized by the tendency to seek out the company of others and engagement to the external world. Shrek on the other hand he was both an outsider and a sensitive individual. He seemed to enjoy his privacy as well as any activity. He was what the average fairytale hero is supposed to be except he was ugly and had some rude behaviors. Shrek is portrayed at first as a person who wanted to be alone in his swamp because when meeting the Dunkin, he tried to scare him away. At the beginning of the...
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