Personality Psychology and Antwone

Topics: Antwone Fisher, Personality psychology, Sigmund Freud Pages: 6 (1343 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Theoretical Analysis and Application Project

Antwone Fisher

Melody Powe

May 22, 2011

Capella University

CST5214 – Theories of Personality

Ann Meek


Antwone Fisher’s (played by Derek Luke) story is one of hope and faith over adversity. Fisher grows up living in a foster home (the Tates) where he is beaten, mentally and sexually abused; he escaped homelessness by joining the United States Navy, The movie picks up with Antwone as a young sailor who dreams of being welcomed by a big family to extremely massive feast. However, his dream is interrupted with the sound of a gun shot. Already suffering from self-doubt and shame about his past, he reacts with angry outbursts when his self-esteem is challenged. Throughout the movie, Antwone keeps on getting in fights and getting sent back to the psychiatrist, Dr. Jerome Davenport (played by Denzel Washington). He slowly begins opening up, learning to confront the past that has fostered his long-standing rage. Dr. Davenport becomes Antwone's substitute father figure, the person who teaches him to drop his guarded resentment, and assures him that he has the strength to face the buried traumas of his childhood. One fight in particular changed his life. One of his fellow shipmates taunts him about being a virgin. They fight and then he gets sent back to the Dr. Davenport. The Dr. Davenport then tells Antwone to go find a girl to go on some dates with. He finds a girl (Cheryl) that he has been friends with for a while, and asks her on a date. He went on a date and that helped him build his self-esteem. Antwone and the Dr. Davenport have become really close. Dr. Davenport decides that it would be a good idea for Antwone to set out to find his real or biological family. In the end Antwone finds his father’s family and his mother that gave him up at birth while in prison. Everyone learns from everyone else, Antwone's courage persuades Washington's character to own up to his own traumas. What mighty achievements Fisher wrought. He conquered everyone who ever held him back, beat him down, and made Dr. Davenport a better doctor and husband. Then Dr. Davenport salutes him.

The character Antwone Fisher through the lens of the psychodynamic theory and the social cognitive theory, both are major concepts in the study of human personality.

Antwone’s story demonstrates his psychodynamic personality and his unique character traits. The Psychodynamic Theory is a view that explains personality in terms of conscious and unconscious forces, such as unconscious desires and beliefs. The theory offers three basic constructs to understanding personality pathology: ego strength, defense style and mental representation of self and others. Social Cognitive theory deals with cognitive, emotional aspects and aspects of behavior for understanding behavioral change. There are social and physical environments that can affect a person’s behavior. The Social Cognitive Theory is concerned with the development of Antwone’s thought processes, it also looks at how these thought processes influence how he understand and interrelate with the world.

The primary elements of the psychodynamic theory and social cognitive theory will be used to analyze the main character in the film Antwone Fisher. The

psychopathology of the character will be identified, and an analysis through structure, process, growth and development and change will be explored.

Section 1: Character Personality Matrix

|Theory |Major Components | | |Structure |Process |Growth and Development |Psychopathology |Change | |1. Psychodynamic |Psychodynamic Theory |Antowne’s...
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