Personality Psychology

Topics: Personality psychology, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: July 10, 2012
What my personality ESFJ mean:
The test result has made I fall under category of ESFJ with highly extrovert, moderately sensing, moderately feeling and slightly judging personality. The combination of these traits, describes me as one of the highly developed social person who excel in positions where he needs to deal with people which is called as provider from the personality base description (Keirsey, 1996). The ESFJ function controls following characteristics and action: Based on test result (Human Metrics Jung Typology Test, 2012), the metrics indicate that I am extroverted person with 78% dominance. I am drawn towards outer world rather than focusing on my innersole. The reaction to the situation is controlled by my own personal value or feeling which is 38% higher than thinking. My personality metric shows I have 25% of sensing preference over intuition. The final characteristic shows I have slightly higher judging (1%) approach in planning and decision making than perceiving.

Analyze Accuracy in personality assessment:
I feel the result from the test describes most of my personality right. As per the result the ESFJ I tend to happily give my personal time and energy to make sure that the needs of the others are met. At home I am skilled in keeping people together and at work I maintain teamwork efficiently among team members. I have encountered people coming frequently over to me for help which I have been involving myself without hesitation or discomfort. Fortunately in year 2009, I got promoted from design engineer to design supervisor which has changed my profile to the job which best suits my personality. I consider myself success in my new responsibilities in past few years. Along with work success I have been always involved in event organization like Christmas holiday or any major social gathering at work.
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