Personality Paper

Topics: Psychology, Family, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Personality: How did I Became Me

What am I like? What do others think of me? A couple of questions I have never carefully analyzed and evaluated until it became an assignment for psychology class. What does that show about my personality? Perhaps, that I am not number one in my life like I should be. I started this class with the objective of understanding the scientific study of human behavior and mental process. I’ve learned critical thinking skills as well as psychology terms that have help me understand fundamental concepts of human behavior. Most importantly I’ve learned about myself and thru class assignments I’ve learned how I became the person I am today.

Growing up in a household of five I had many authority figures. Nonetheless, my mom always has been the final authority at home. Even today, what my mom says “goes” it doesn’t really matter your age or gender. When it comes to my family, my mom is the boss. It is no secret to those who are close to me that I allow my mother to take a lot of control in my decisions and actions. I am submissive only to my mother’s demands. It was not difficult for me to understand why I am this way. I was always told by my father and grandmother that my mother didn’t allow the lack of money to get in her way of giving me the best she could. As a new born she had a feeding schedule for me and was always attentive of my needs. Whether I cried for attention or hunger she was there to feed me or clean me up. She did everything in her power to give me a happy and calm environment and now I want to do that same for her. Although I must admit that allowing her to control me has giving me an obsession for freedom that terrifies me as well as a lack of commitment to anybody else but her.

After my father’s death my granddaddy became the male figure in my life. Although he was the only person I saw my mother give in to his demand, he never contradicted her or got in the way of how she raised me.

Furthermore I have...
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