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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Diversity in Personality Theories
Diversity in Personality Theories
Theorists for many years work discovering reasons for human behaviors. Understanding human behaviors is not as simple as some would suggest. The flipside to behaviors is the personality. Unique as a fingerprint, personalities fall into a class of misinterpretation, controversy, and underestimation. Studying personalities throughout time has provided society with various hypotheses and theories. However, among the hundreds of theories and hypotheses, significance of the personality did not change. Although over time society begins to understand behaviors, many will continue to have his or her own method and made a significant contribution to the world of personality theories. A good example of meaningful contributions is Melanie Klein’s object relation theory and Erich Fromm’s Humanistic psychoanalysis. The contributions help with the elaboration and exploitation of personalities and what impacts personalities. Erich Fromm’s Humanistic Psychoanalysis

Erich Fromm (1900-1980) psychotherapist implemented in his career an orthodox psychoanalytic technique, after 10 years Fromm became bored with Freudian methodology and developed his way of a more active and confrontational methods (Feist & Feist, 2009). Fromm’s humanistic psychoanalysis begins with the basic assumptions that understanding humans is achieved through the knowledge of human history. Humans have no powerful instincts to live in constant evolving plant. Humanistic psychoanalysis assumes humanities separation from the natural world has produced feelings of loneliness and isolation, a conditioned known as basic anxiety. Fortunately, Fromm believes human existence when implemented with various supplements is maintainable. A good example is Fromm’s basic underlying assumptions such as relatedness, transcendence, rootedness, sense of identity, and frame of orientation. However, the three basic ways people...
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