Personality of Consumer Behavior

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Personality is the unique, dynamic organization of characteristics of a particular person, physical and psylogical, which influence behavior and responses to the social and physical environment. Of these characteristics, some will be entirely unique to the specific person (i.e. memories, habits, mannerisms) and others will be shared with a few, many or all other people. (Leon Schiffman et al, 2008) The trait theory holds greater and wider relevance for a marketer than the Freudian and neo-Freudian approaches. This is primarily due to the fact that the approach proves to be realistic, objective and quantitative. Based on the traits, the consumers can be classified into groups, labeling the consumers as being of a certain personality type. Some traits that have been subject to research are traits like consumer innovativeness, need for uniqueness, variety seeking and etc. (Sangeeta Sahney n.d.) Innovativeness as a personality trait reflects how well a person reacts to something that is “new”; this “new” could be a new product or a brand or even a change in the marketing mix. A marketer needs to assess in its target segment, the degree of receptivity towards new products and services/brands or even towards changes made in the other Ps be it pricing, distribution and/or communication. The marketer also needs to have an understanding of consumer segments that would be most receptive to try out new products and services, so as to assess the target segments that would be most lucrative. (Sangeeta Sahney n.d.) So as Proton, our national car manufacturer, if want to produce hybrid car which named ‘Alam”, the car model must be innovative at consumers’ first impression. The car model should be good-looking at every dimension, accessories of the car should be well-functioned as well as other car manufacturer like BMW, Audi and not the least is the cars ‘multifunction idea. These all factors can catch up consumers ‘mind and let them pay more attention...
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