Personality Development

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Every human being possesses a personality which makes the difference from other individuals, and it develops at every stage of life. To understanding the people’s personal qualities, their self-development, helping others, and how they behave to other people; leads to the understanding and unlocking of human personalities. In this world everyone has it own personality and some of them are the dual personality. Physical gestures also present the people’s personality, but the personality other aspects are a person is happy or sad; smart or dull; energetic or lazy. These are two different aspects of personality but mostly definitions are referring to the mental system to judge and define the personality. People act and behave according to the situation and they can mold themselves. Personality development start from the childhood and in its development individuated and collective factors are involved which are further discussion. Many theories and models were described by many authors to understand the personality and its traits which are describe in next section. Personality derived from the Latin word ‘persona’ meaning ‘mask’; which make a distinction from the rest of the peoples. Personality is the psychological characteristic of a person’s life; which presents their feelings, skills, motives, behaviors and thoughts. There are many definitions of Personality which are described by many authors. Warren and Carmichael (1930) define, “Personality is the entire mental organization of a human being at any stage of his development. It embraces every phase of human character: intellect, temperament, skill, morality, and every attitude that has been built up in the course of one's life." Hall and Lindzev (1957) define it as the essence of a human being; and Mayer (2005) defines it such as: "An individual's pattern of psychological processes arising from motives, feelings, thoughts, and other major areas of psychological function. Personality is expressed through its influences on the body, in conscious mental life, and through the individual's social behavior." Every individual in this world has different types of characteristics, behavior and values. Even the twin also has different type of traits and personalities because of different personalities everyone manage to understand each other. There are many types of personalities which are described by many authors. Some of the personality type and theories are Hippocrates Theory of the Four Personality Types and jung’s Eight Personality Types. The Hippocrates described the four different types of Personality which are: the Sanguine, the Choleric, the Melancholic, and the Phlegmatic (Source: Merenda (1987). The Sanguine personality peoples are more charming and with more sense of humor; they are optimistic, confident, and rational. The Sanguine people have a lot of energy but the problem with them is finding of the course of action where they can use it. The Choleric personality peoples are extroverts who are more task-oriented and control their lives. They are achiever and leader with great ambition, energy and encourage others and achieve their goals. But the negative thing is they become angered and bad tempered very soon. The Melancholy personality peoples are very organized and uncompromising. They are very kind, considerate, thoughtful, highly creative and talented. These personality people are introvert, very sensitive and self-sacrificing; but the negative aspect of these personality are tendencies to generate low self-esteem. And at the end Phlegmatic personalities are introverts who are very concerned about relationship with others; they are self-content, kind, peace lover and shy. They can make friends very easily because of their relaxed and easygoing nature. But these type of people make themselves lazy and also resist to change. Second theory is Jung’s Eight Personality Types; Sharp (1987) described the Carl Jung presented the eight personality types and he...
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