Personality Development

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Personality Development

If you want to climb the echelons of success, you should show a personality with strong leadership skills; if you want to build a strong foundation for your family, you need to have a personality that is filled with compassion and understanding. Whatever personality you hope to develop, it will dictate your chances of success in any endeavor. First and foremost, your personality should help you overcome your shyness and build self-confidence. This is very important especially in the workplace because it is easy for you to excel and stand out if you have a high level of self-esteem and confidence. 

If you are too shy to speak up, or unsure of your capabilities, you will have difficulty expressing yourself and letting others discover your talents, skills, and abilities. You may be the smartest person around, but if you do not have the courage to speak up and be confident, the rest of the world will not know about it. 

This article set helps you develop a personality that will lead you to the path of success and happiness, not only at work but also in your personal life. Go through each article and learn simple ways to develop your personality. Remember that you will often be seen and judged by the attributes that you have, so it is very important that we build, mold, and enhance a personality that will attract others to us in a positive way. Once you have mastered these ways, then that only means you have achieved personality development effectively. 

Components of Personality Development

 There are immense possibilities within  you to develop your personality with strong character. You must recognize and understand them. The key to success is hidden within you. The wealth you have earned is not important but what is important is the means you have adopted for acquiring that wealth. Your personality, your capabilities, your thoughts and your ideals are all very important in determining your character. We will discuss some essential components of personality Development in this article.

* Be polite and speak sweetly:
Sweetly spoken words have their own advantage and it is a major component in developing our personality. Society gives respect to a person who has control over his speech and everybody wants to conserve with a person who is sweet spoken. That is why we should always try and inculcate sweet and soft spoken words inour speech.

All actions are controlled by tongue or speech. They originate from speech. So it is essential that speech is controlled by mind. A person who is not honest by speech is considered dishonest in all respects. The man who has not control over his speech can not be sure if he can exercise any control over his self while working. If a wrong thing is said in good style it also becomes effective. Then if you say a good thing in good way it has no comparison.

Keep away from lies, fraud and deception:

G.D. Broadman, a great western thinker said – sow a work and get a habit, sow a habit and get a character, sow a character and get a fortune.
It is evident that the fate of a person is formed by the work he dies, the branch of a tree bends in the direction it is diverted. If a person once entangles him self in lies and cunningness, then in spite of making countless efforts he can never get out of it and day by day he will keep moving toward downfall. We never improve our personality keeping these elements with in us or a part our habits.

Once a man resorts to lies for self gains and self protection then he gradually becomes an expert in telling lies. Lies, treachery, manipulation and fraud are such aspects of our personality which will lead to our failure, insult and defamation at every step of life. It is necessary that we get rid of these negative shortcomings with firm determination to...
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