Personality Development

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Personality Development – Indian Perspective

• WHAT IS PERSONALITY ? : Our personality is the sum total of our character, emotions, intellect, behaviour, capabilities, qualities etc. which includes conception of ourselves and the also the estimate of outside people about us. In total, personality means what we are, what we think and what we do.

• SUBJECTIVE ANALYSIS OF PERSONALITY: Our personality is operational in mainly in five dimensions, say physical, energical, mental, intellectual and blissful. The five sheaths referred to in our Upanishads represent those dimensions. they are as follows:

▪ Physical Dimension - BODY---- Annamaya Kosha ▪ Mental Dimension - MIND---- Manomaya Kosha ▪ Intellectual Dimension - INTELLECT----Vijnanamaya Kosha They are the 3 faculties, which determine the overall estimate of one’s personality. – This is the subjective analysis of Personality. The integrated personality development involves the development of all the above faculties, which forms different areas in which the personality is felt. As such, they do not constitute Personality in strictest sense but are dimensions, only through which, we can be aware of our personality. • The objective analysis of personality: If we try to analyse the personality in objective sense, we can classify six levels in which our personality interacts with ouside world. When a person is interacting in different levels, he is called by different names. His personality will be having different dimensions. It is the same personality expanding to take an active participation in the WHOLE of which it is a PART except in the first case.

1. Another individual-> Individual
2. family-> Member or Head of the Family
3. Organization-> Member or worker in the organization 4. Society-> Citizen
5. Nation-> Citizen or Patriot
6. Universe-> Human being or Universal man

▪ What is personality development? It is nothing but strengthening the capacity of subjective dimensions of personality to interact more and more effectively and efficiently in the objective levels in which the personality has to operate.

▪ If a man can interact with another man more cordially or in a more friendly manner than in the past it means his personality has developed. – Individual level ▪ If a man behaves with his family members in more intimate way than in the past, it means his personality has developed. - Family ▪ If a worker works more effeciently than in the past, that means his personality is developed to that extent. - Organization ▪ If the citizen of a particualar society discharges his duty more effectively with more spirit of dedication, then it means his personality is developed to that extent.- society ▪ If a man identifies with his nation, feels for the nation and develop patrotic spirit, then it means his personality is developed to that extent. - Nation ▪ If a man is able to identify himself with every human being in the univere, it means his personality has developed to that extent - Universe • Not only the personality development helps one to grow in working efficiency and behavioural expression, it also helps him to transcend from one level to another. ▪ An individual transcends himself to be a member of the family ▪ A family man transcends himself to the level of member of the organization ▪ A worker in the organization transcends himself to the level of member of the society. ▪ A citizen confined to a particualar society transcends himself to the level of patriot and idenfies with his nation. ▪ A patriot transcends himself to the level of universal man and idenfies with every man in...
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