Personality Development

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Personal Development Portfolio

Why Personal Development?

The Personal Development Plan is defined as
“Structured and supported processes to develop the capacity of individuals to reflect upon their own learning and achievement and to plan for their own personal educational and career development”

Effective personal development is strongly linked to the successful achievement of long term plans and individual goals. Undertaken successfully it allows students to become more effective, independent and self directed learners.

Development plans for year one
The aim of this portfolio is to establish underpinning concepts leading to the development of a range of foundation skills and competencies to enable students to move successfully onto year 2.

Completion of this portfolio will enable students to

• Understand how they are learning and relate that learning to a wider context • Improve general skills for study and career management • Articulate personal goals and evaluate progress towards achievement

By undertaking the Skills Self Assessment and the sessions on study habits you should have a clearer understanding of your preferred methods of learning and studying as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

Use the results of these assessments to chart strengths and weaknesses and highlight how you intend to progress your development both academically and personally


This part of the course will provide the opportunity for students to gain a range of skills and competencies necessary in order to successfully carry out a management role in the hospitality industry. Managerial jobs require more than knowledge, as managers are involved in planning, organising and controlling organisation processes and managing both staff and customers. To successfully carry out the role of a manager therefore, students need to develop sound organisation and management skills – it is difficult to manage other people if you cannot mange yourself!

The skills gained in completing this portfolio are called Transferable Skills, and this implies that they can be transferred to other areas of life and work. In this case you will be using the skills gained in personal development to successfully manage yourself and develop the ability to think more reflectively about your course.

Content of the Portfolio.

Students are asked to compile a personal portfolio of evidence that will objectively demonstrate your ability to; | | | | |Self Motivate |Complete the session on study habits |Complete a personal statement on your reasons for | | | |undertaking the course | | | | | |Identify your strengths and weaknesses. |Achieved by completing a skills diagnosis sheet. |Personal Action Plan to address weaknesses and | | | |enhance strengths. | | | | | |Manage your Time |Personal Timetables |Plan of Action to meet deadlines. | | | | | |Gather and record information. |Lecture notes recorded in two different ways....
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