Personality Characteristics Paper

Topics: Family, Personality psychology, Big Five personality traits Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Personality Characteristics Paper
George T. Jackson
University of Phoenix
Personality Theories
Dr. Dora Finamore, Facilitator

Personality Characteristics Paper
Personality can be defined as, “…the characteristic patterns of thought, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. It also arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout the person’s life.” (Cherry, 2011). In this paper I will examine three personality characteristics, and they are conscientiousness, openness, and extroversion, how they developed during early childhood within family and social relationships, and during education. They will be discussed in relation to how the characteristics influenced my social and occupational choices as an adult. Early Childhood

Conscientiousness is defined as a characteristic of one who is organized and disciplined, dedicated and loyal;, especially at work. Excellent performances and strong commitment are standard. How tThis characteristic relates to my early development. A as a child, I was always aware that my toys and clothes had to be put in there appropriate place. I never wanted or liked my personal items to be out of place. Even, when it came to playing with building blocks I had to make sure they were neatly stacked or I just could not function. Say more about your early childhood experiences. Did you have siblings? Where did you grow up? What were your parent’s like? I have found that early in life I was very committed and loyal to my friends even if they were not that loyal to me. I would go out of my way to make sure everybody was happy, and I made sure that everybody could take part in the activities. Because I am loyal and committed to family, I found myself in a messy situation that left me with emotional scars that I am being healed of. My commitment to my family has cost me many missed opportunities, yet I have continued to grow throughout the process. Use headings please

At work, I...
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