Personality Assessment Paper

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Running head: Personality Assessment Instrument Paper

Personality Assessment Instrument
University of Phoenix
April 23, 2012

Personality Instrument
A very useful model to assess a person personality and behavior pattern is through the use of the big five test. This test allows an administrator to get an accurate and quick assessment of the patients personality. The big five model is a widely used, modern, validated and replicated methodology for evaluating, understanding, and measuring one’s personality (McAdams, 1992). This test is highly associated with those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. And through this test those suffering from OCD will reveal their openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and extraversion personality traits. The test consist of 50 statements that come from the international personality item pool along with 15 extra proprietary questions. It should take about six to 10 minutes and you will classify on each scale rating things from very inaccurate to very accurate.

Relationship Between Five factor Model and Psychoanalytical theory and social learning theroy There has never been much research on the association between OCD and the five factor model, yet there was research found that shows there are unique associations between the two. From current research and studies it shows that some currently suffering from OCD also show certain actions from those that take the five factor model test. Thos suffering from OCD have lower scores on the competence, actions, and self discipline facets. There are further results that show unique associations among the facets of the five factor model and those suffering from OCD.

Application Chosen
Personality theories can be viewed differently depending upon how it was shared, through different aspects of ones behavior. Personality shows through people through time depending upon the place and situation. Obsessive compulsive disorder is a personality trait that is a form of an anxiety disorder from consumed unwanted thoughts and feelings. Some theories try to explain the thought that OCD can be inherited or it can be something some grows into being. When personality traits are compared and contrast, theories from Bandura and Freud can help determine the role that is played throughout the development process of personality and gathering a better understanding of OCD. Bamdura showed in a study that understanding one persons personal traits will not give you full understanding on personality in general. Bandura suggested that behavior patterns and variables help to determine ones personality. Other psychologist think that personality is something that is learned within their own environment. Yet, Bandura is sure to state that one has to have self-efficacy, which is the key in changing. Those that do agree with this social learning theory also state that low self efficacy can cause one to have behavior issues. Because of this situation society functions and behavior have a disturbed relationship, yet when the self efficacy is high there is a different outcome. Comparing Banduras theory to OCD can cause one to have low self efficacy causing frequent distress. Literature Review

Within the first study with children and adults on OCD and the FFM test there are reports that 150 people were administered the test, half children and half adults. It was discovered that over 50% of those suffering from OC had received it from one of their parents. This played a huge role in the parent rearing, because the parents OCD behaviors would eventually be picked up on by the child. When having OCD as a parent it is critical that you try to do different things and be careful as to what you do in front of your child to ensure that they do not pick up on any of the compulsive behaviors. If the OCD parents has more than one child it is more likely that they...
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