Personality Assessment Instrument

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychometrics, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Pages: 3 (479 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Critique of Personality Assessment Instrument
Lisa Clark
Measurement and Statistics/PSYCH 525
December 6, 2010
Thomas Snider, PHD

Psychological assessment instrument has four types of assessment that is used to determine and measure an individual personality. These psychological assessments are: qualities, observation, thinking, and feelings that characterize the individual. Psychological personality assessment instrument has many reasons of why there are four types and how they are conducted with each assessment. When comparing different assessment and theories such as: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Rorschach, and cognitive-social theories, this give the reader the opportunity to gain knowledge on validity, comprehensiveness, applicability and cultural utility of personality assessment instrument that explain an individual personality.

Personality Assessment Instrument

* State which personality test you chose to focus on.

* Describe the purpose of the test and what it is typically used for.

* Describe it: how many items? What kind of items?

Relationship Between (insert test name here) and (insert personality theory name here)

Analyze the relationship between your selected assessment and one of the major theories of personality.

Application Chosen

[In this section describe the disorder, population segment, problem, or business application that you have chosen. (Could be just one or two sentences.)]

Literature Review

Describe the 3-5 articles you found that involve the personality test you chose and the disorder/population segment/problem that you chose. Focus on the useful information from the articles: if they were research articles, what did they find? If they were review articles, what were their major conclusions?

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3


Reliability and Validity of (insert test name here) for (insert application here)

Based on the information in your articles, what...
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