Personality and Social Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Each one of us has something we’re known for. Most commonly noted are achievements and social notoriety. They give us a reputation, social acceptance, and a self-identity. What most commonly get taken for granted, however, are our own individual personalities. Through observation and inquiry we discover the vast and minute differences between each individuals unique personality. The pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that an individual consistently follows in their day-to-day life is called their personality (p.531). When describing personality, the book gives us a handful of different theories on its approach. These include the psychodynamic, humanistic, trait and social-cognitive theories, and a look at the self. In the psychodynamic sect there is a division between social and sexual influences on personality development, however, both having the same general principal that our personalities are a product of influences as a child. A perspective of personality with the humanistic approach gives insight to self-actualization. This is the more accepted account in psychology today. 2.

My friend Trent possesses many outstanding qualities and characteristics that make him someone I truly look up to. One of his greatest qualities is his charismatic attitude that draws you in. Trent possesses three personality strengths. He is an extrovert, an intuit, and a relater. His desire to always be around people and never stir conflict always amazes me. The genuine interest that he takes in every person he meets is astounding.

Trent is a computer science major. His intuit abilities go above and beyond the call to solve complicated issues. Not only is he able to solve problems, but also he is able to present concepts within a topic that most people wouldn’t even think about. As a relator, he is able to consider the feelings of everyone in the room. In topics of deep discussion he knows just how far to push our comfort zone without crossing the line. Its like he can...
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