Personality and Individual Differences:

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Dr. Coggins
Psych 1105
02 August 2010
Personality and Individual Differences:
The Effect of Childhood Experiences on Mate Choice in Personality Traits
This studies’ main focal point was addressing the contemplated issue of whether parental models have any influence on our mate choices in the aspect of personality traits (sexual imprinting hypothesis). Results of the study showed that people do tend to seek to a partner for a long-term committed relationship, whose personality traits are similar to those of their parents, and often times this inclination is strongly correlated with their early childhood parental rearing experiences. The main parental influence that was investigated in this study was the parallels of both the parent’s and spouse’s personality characteristics. The sexual imprinting of personality characteristics was predicted that individual’s can learn the characteristic features of their close relatives, and thereafter prefer to partner with a mate that is not much but slightly different from their parents and siblings that helped rear them. The studies other predictions stated that spouses would show a higher rate of similarity in the terms of personality traits than individuals who were paired up randomly from a population. Also, that the wife’s personality structure would be more similar to that of her husband’s mother, and vice versa, the husband’s personality structure would be more similar to that of the wife’s father, than to women and men who were randomly paired from a population. Lastly, the similarity in personalities would depend on how close the relationship between mother and son, and father and daughter were in their early childhood. The study believes that men and women who indeed did have favorable relationships with their opposite-sex parent during childhood would be more likely to search for a mate who resembled this particular parent in personality traits, than those who grew up in a less favorable family...
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