Personality Analysis Paper

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Personality Analysis Paper
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August 22, 2011

Personality Analysis
Is a person’s behavior analyzed by the situation they are in or is their behavior guided by their personality? For instance, if an individual who is usually calm and mellow turns aggressive during a sports game, is it safe to say that the aggressive behavior is a result of the sport or is that part of his personality? This can be either or. Behavior can be understood by the person’s personality as well as the environments that they are put in, when the situation they are in changes their personality changes to accommodate the situation, this can be classified as situational behavior. The dispositional theory tries to identify psychological characteristics that keep stability to an individual as different situations occur. Dispositions can affect the unconscious behaviors of an individual. Yet learnt behavior can also be developed unconsciously and become a part of an individual’s personality. This paper will analyze dispositional and learning theory as well as describe and examine the effects it has on personality. Disposition Theories

According to Oxford the definition of Disposition is “ a person’s inherent qualities of mind and character.” We are all born with predisposed personalities that we inherit from our father and mother and according to Gordon Allport every individual is unique. Allport believed that it was important to differentiate people from the general traits they posses and look at their individuality, it is that reason why Allport disagrees with trait and factor theories, because those theories do not focus on the individual instead they focus on the group. Allport concentrated his studies solely to individuals that he named the study of the individual morphogenic science and compared that to the study of groups, which is called nomothetic (Feist & Feist, 2009). Although Allport took suggestions from other theorist he...
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