Personality Analysis

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  • Published : June 30, 2010
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Personality Analysis

Melissa Ledom

Psychology 405

May 31, 2010
Instructor Sarah Lind

Personality Analysis

Psychologist in addition to Philosophers have researched, studied, tested, and analyzed theories dealing with behavior and personality. Theories of personality give understand of important factors, influences of personality development, plus underlying assumptions of traits, factors, influences, and many other affects. This paper will examine two theoretical approaches of humanistic and existential along with dispositional. Explanations on both theoretical approaches and the role of personality in affecting situational behavior will be covered. The personality characteristics attributed to of the theories plus the interpersonal relational aspects associated with humanistic and existential and dispositional will be discussed as well.

Theories on personality range from development to influences and many other factors and effects. The foundation of personality theories started with some well known theorist of Freud, Jung, Erikson and Klein just to give a few. The analogies of personality development and influence on behavior are still used today; however some of the models have yet been replicated. Personality with the combination of characteristics and traits is what makes each individual unique. The development process of personality happens through life, the experiences, environment, heredity, and more changes personality alongside behavior over time (Cherry, 2010). The link between personality and behavior come from the inner working of the unconscious drive. Humanistic and Existential Personalities

The essentials for humanistic and existential personality theories come from the philosophical bases (Feist & Feist, 2009) explaining the motivational influences to behavior. Humanistic and existential personality theories process the individual as a “whole” person not in pieces.

Existential Psychological theory has the...
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