Topics: Security, Security guard, Time Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: April 26, 2013
I always dreamt buying a big house located in a wonderful city, so the livable city for me must be surrounded by some main amenities so that I could live peaceful, relaxed and secure. Then my dreamt city must be the one that contains many parks and green areas. It also must have efficient security force, and additionally, it has to have big houses with enough space to share with family, neighbors and friends. Living in a city with those amenities sounds amazing, but nowadays everybody wants to live in cities that include such characteristics. A habitable city should include inside of its installations some parks and many green areas. People work every day and most of the time they are not in contact with nature. So, if cities have trees, plants and lands to walk during they time off, they would feel very good on it. Also green areas help the environment to purify the air. Then parks and green areas must be part of a healthy city where children can run, ride bikes, play sports and at the same time they share with the nature and learn how to take care about it. Of course parklands and greenery make livable and interesting a city. A city that is no secure is a city where nobody wants to live. So, if a city has a respectful security force, efficient and disciplined, no doubt that many people would like to live there. The security force of a city can include the Civil National Police, ARMY or private security. It is important that during night and day the guards make journeys in order to make people feel their presence and murders won´t be able to act and commit their misdeeds. A secure city is a city full of good people and a city full of god people is a bearable place to live. The space is an important point when we talk about cities and houses so my livable city has to include on its plans the amenity of counting with big houses that have on it garden, yard, garage, enough rooms and each of the parts that an integral house must include, each of them with the...
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