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Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. (

In this paper, I will be discuss my reactions to some personalities that define me as shown in my Edwards Personal Preference Schedule test results. My test results state that:

“The student’s personality test results as shown by the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule seem to show that she likes to talk about her personal adventures, experiences and achievements and become the center of attention.

She likes to argue for her point of view and to persuade and influence others to do what she wants. However, she is willing to get suggestions from others and to do what is expected of her.”

After I read my test results I smiled because this is really me. In the first paragraph of the result is very true. I really like to talk what is happening to me. Every time I am with my family and friends, I am always the one who talk and talk and never stop talking sharing my experiences, adventures and etc. and yes that made me become the center of attention. I can see in their faces also that they love listening to me so I also enjoy telling them what is going on in my life.

But not all the time I am like that, if I am with a stranger or with a person or some people I only knew for the first time I am not that type of person that really talk much. I am very silent and only staring at them listening while they’re talking.

For the second paragraph is somewhat true, it depends on the situation. But mostly likely I really like to argue especially if I think I am right. And some people who knew me always said to me that I really know how to manipulate a person, which is why I easily influence them to do what I want. I really don’t know if it is good or bad. Above all I am willing to get suggestions from others especially if I am not really sure of what I am doing.
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