Personal Wellness Paper

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Personal Wellness Project
I decided to choose stress reduction for my personal wellness project. I chose this topic because it hits home base extremely hard. I want to definitely reduce my stress intake and be able to cope with challenging situations. I want to be at least eighty percent in control of my life. I find myself getting stressed when unexpected things happen, and I am not prepared for it. I also want to improve my way of handling circumstances which make me stress.

Reducing my stress will make me a better person as a whole. When I reduce my stress level, it may lengthen my life by _____ years. I will also be able to function in an everyday atmosphere that requires me to have a clear head. My attitude will be more pleasing and I will become extra attractive. Stress reduction will help in many ways, as mentioned above. Therefore, less stress, makes me live a healthier life. When my stress level is reduced, I can take care and groom myself properly.

I feel this behavior change is significant to me because of the environment I am in. At this moment right now, I am a student, worker, and tenant. I have many obligations, and if I am stressed, things will not flow right. I know I would not be able to organize and function what so ever. Being less stress might even bring along important people into my life. No one likes to be around someone who is steaming and on the edge on the time. When I am in control and calm, I can enjoy the simple things in life.

Some strategies known to help with reducing stress is exercising. Exercising helps release endorphins, which improves moods and their overall wellness.
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