Personal View: Racial Discrimination

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  • Published : March 2, 2012
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Barbara Benedetti
Candace Shivers
Cultural awareness
Journal 3

Which racial, gender, ethnic, etc. group do I think experiences the most discrimination and why? I didn’t want my answer to be cliché so, I actually looked up ‘the difference between discrimination and prejudice’ just to see what would come of it. See, I didn’t want to say Black people because honestly I felt that Middle Easterners are more discriminated against because of 9/11 and the whole war thing. Yet, when I saw what came up under discrimination, which was about the Apartheid era in South Africa (1948-94) and how non-whites had to live in separate communities and were not allowed to vote. (McLeod, 2008) I realized there is a lot of discrimination towards blacks and not just in America. I think that the blacks in America, not all but several, bring that kind of negative attention on themselves with the hardcore gangsta façade they put on in movies and music videos, not to mention the kind of trouble they choose to get themselves into on the streets. I say choose because there are plenty of kids from bad neighborhoods, poor families, raised in the “system”, who have risen above that lifestyle and are educated, law abiding, successful, and productive members of society. They choose it because it’s the “cool” thing to do or it’s the easy thing to do. Yes, there are several other races caught up in the same activities but, the whole image was started back in the 80’s maybe even earlier by the young black generation. I know, I fell for it myself for a while. Anyway, I think America has come a long way as far as discrimination goes, but I do believe that worldwide blacks are discriminated against the most and personally I don’t understand why. What because of the color of their skin, their various accents, the texture of their hair, because they wear different clothes? Why, really, because they are great singers and musicians, because they are great athletes, because when they to do put their...
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