Personal View: Macbeth

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Where should we begin with Macbeth’s thoughts and feelings in this play? Shakespeare went a different way with this character. We all thought that his mind set was that of a good person, but we were sadly mistaken. He goes from one thing to another. It’s hard to actually characterize him with one word. We could use many.

Macbeth began as a normal kind man who held some power in the country of England. His wife, Lady Macbeth, was his best friend. She seemed to have had her ways with him and could persuade him to do anything. Macbeth was content with the power he had held, but his Lady wanted more. She made his mind set completely switch as to where he killed the King.

After all of this had happened it just became worse. The power soon went to his head and he began during more evil things. He sent murders to kill Banquo and Fleance, who could become King instead of him. It screwed him up severely so bad that he began to go crazy and see the ghost of Banquo. People were also becoming suspicious and he gave off the character of an innocent man. Many were fooled but some were smart about it.

Another thing that kept him going on the bad side was the witches and their apparitions. At first he didn’t believe in any of those nonsense superstitions, but he began to see that they were becoming true. This also made him aware of his surroundings so much that he secretly became paranoid. Instead acting like that he gave off the cocky attitude as if he knew what was to happen and that he could stop at any time if he wanted too. But in the end he was wrong.

Instead of following what everybody tells you to do, you should go with your own instinct. Like Macbeth, he went from a content guy with a normal living life, to a murderer that went crazy. Doing your own thing will not make you act like this in the end. This is sort of an example of how peer pressure can hurt you.
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