Personal Values Paper

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Social philosophy Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Personal Values
Bobbie Sims-Ewings
MGT/521 Management
September 27, 2010
Dr. Christopher DeClerk

Personal Values

Personal values developed because of conditions among the world and can transform r instance. Honesty in the application of values refers to its stability; a person has integrity if he or she applies values correctly despite the consequences of negative support from other or arguments. When applied in the right area values can be appropriately. According to McGuire, Garavan, Donnell, Saha, and Cseh (2008) personal values could be affected by culture transform programmers and organizational reformation. For example, in period of despair as in time of happiness it would be suitable to apply spiritual values. Personal values direct decisions by provide individuals with choices to compare to one choice with the purpose of connected to his or her values. A person’s personal values developed early in life and it can be opposite to transform. Theirs is a fundamental assumption that valves will influence the actions of individuals who turn could change the decisions that persons take (McGuire, Garavan, Donnell, Saha, & Cseh 2008). My Values

"We" all develop numerous of values and ethics during experiences whether it a positive or negative occurrence. These beliefs as well as thoughts are what direct us all the way through our lifetime in thoughts, and judgments. Customs also has a vast pact of power on our values and ethics. Many countries have unusual beliefs and thoughts of what socially acknowledged. Many customs have been in the region of for thousands of years and their opinion and beliefs are just as older as those beliefs. When it comes close to my personal ethics and values, I believe they are strong and correct as well as unbiased. My values and ethic where developed when I was an adolescent. I was taught what to say and if thing was right or wrong if I did anything incorrect, or stretch the truth I was punish. I...
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