Personal Values Paper

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  • Published : May 3, 2010
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Personal Values Paper
Tracy Godwin
MGT/ 521
April 12, 2010
Charles Raney

What people value the most may become apparent in everyday business and communications. As individuals and leaders we have a moral responsibility to those we influence on a daily basis. We must take into consideration how we interpret our own values and how those values impact others. According to Robbins and Judge (2007, p. 121), questioning our values may result in change. In addition, values are important because they lay the foundation for the motivation and attitudes of people can contribute to the achieving of an organization’s goals and objectives. We must be ethical in our leadership especially when employees are following our moves and motives. Managers are responsible for the well being of the employee, the customer, and the organization as a whole. We have to follow the same codes of conduct that we expect employees to follow. We have to be responsible and accountable for our actions. How well we manage an organization depends upon how well we know our roles and responsibilities.

As a manager I would have a responsibility to set good examples for those that follow me. We lead by example and therefore our employees are only as effective as their leaders. My personal values tend to lean toward the importance of respect and accountability in personal relationships as well as working relationships. If we corrupt our values we may lose the relationships we are trying to build in the work environment. We have to remember that trust is a huge part of organizational success and it starts with the leadership. Trust flows in both directions not just from the employee up to management. Employees will not follow an untrustworthy manager. The necessity for managers to remain consistent when expressing attitudes, values, and desired behavior is very important (Kane-Urrabazo, C., 2006). Setting the standard for others to follow starts at the top. For the most part, the integrity that...
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