Personal Values and Ethical Standards

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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Ethical codes determine a person’s outlook on right and wrong. It influences their interactions with people (Williams, 2011). Personal ethics and professional ethics may differ each influences the other, and sway the workplace environment (Williams, 2011). Companies want their corporate traditions to have a sense of ethical responsibility (Williams, 2011). Frequently, professional ethics covers the same principles of personal ethics, for example honesty, and fairness (Williams, 2011). These principles may also extend to company loyalty (Williams, 2011). Responsibilities

Personal ethical responsibilities mainly include people closest to you, for example your family, friends or neighbors, requiring family responsibilities before job responsibilities (Williams, 2011). Professional ethical responsibilities are more diverse and wide-ranging for example, not discussing a patient's history, and putting a person's well being first (Williams, 2011). Professional ethics requires reporting any suspicious or harmful activity, for example if a teacher suspects a student is experiencing abuse or neglect (Williams, 2011). 

 Codes for Personal Values

As a human service professional, my values, and morals are set high. My peers and clients look up to my decisions. This is why I relate to of the National Association of Social Workers Ethical Codes, which are 1.01 Commitment to Clients and 1.02 Self Determination. Code 1.01 states, a social workers’ main responsibility is promoting the well­being of clients (NASW, 2008). Code 1.02 states, social workers are to respect and promote the rights of clients to have self determination by assist clients in efforts to identify and explain goals (NASW, 2008). Ethical Dilemmas

Personal ethics mainly depend on a person's life relationships, for example, what he or she learns from their parents, teachers, and religion (Williams, 2011). People are also influenced by the experiences from childhood dilemmas, for example lying, cheating, or violence (Williams, 2011). Professional ethics is founded on the principles of a profession (Williams, 2011). A person may be legally required to obey ethical principles, such as confidentiality, in the case of doctors or lawyers (Williams, 2011). 

Practice and Personal
If a social worker suspects that a child is abused, it is their professional responsibility to make any determination about the matter for the protection of a child (NASW, 2011). This is an ethical dilemma that I will not have a problem reporting. I know that some people my hesitant because they feel they maybe tearing apart a family, but I know that I will be protecting a life. Child Abuse

Each state has child abuse laws that vow the protection for a child who is abused, mistreated, or neglected. Although each state agrees the protection of a child, each state may handle the reports differently, or how the accused will be fined or jailed. For instance, an individual who lives in the state of Mississippi can remain anonymous when reporting a child abuse reports (MDHS, 2011), but in the state of Texas remaining anonymous is not encouraged (Texas Department of Family Services, 2011). Each state has established that an individual under the age of 18 is considered a child. Arizona’s law states that a child does not have to show any signs of injury when reporting a child abuse case, but this could be interpreted for of verbal abuse (About, 2011). In the state of Mississippi verbal abuse is a sign of abuse (MDHS, 2011). When a case is not reported in Texas it is a Class B Misdemeanor with a fine of $2000, and a possibility of 180 days in prison (ATPE, 2010). If a case is not reported in Mississippi, and the person is found guilty the fine is up to $5000, and the jail time could be up to one year (MDHS, 2011). Arizona and Georgia violation of child abuse laws is considered a misdemeanor if there is failure to report indication of child abuse (Child Abuse...
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