Personal Values

Topics: Ethics, Management, Decision making Pages: 4 (1156 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Personal Values
Personal values are made up of many environmental influences including upbringing, religion, friends, family, peers and, education. How individuals demonstrate and model their personal values is seen through personal and work behaviors, decision- making, problem-solving and, interpersonal interaction. Personal values define character. Management style and management skills combined with trust and personality are all aligned with individual ethics and values. Day- to-day decisions are based on personal values. It is very important for managers in today’s workforce to have a strong awareness of one’s values, the ability to articulate those values and the knowledge to apply them. In this paper I will compare my personal values with the values of Kudler Fine Foods. I will explain how values correlate with management skills and define core values, ethical style and, perspective through deontological theory and obligation. I will explain why managers with the ethical believe system of obligation aligned with deontological theory combines well at Kudler Fine Foods.

How Values Correlate with Management Skills
Managers in today’s workforce must harness a variety of skills to remain competitive and achieve success. It doesn’t matter if a manager works at Kudler Fine foods or on Wall Street. Management skills necessary for success range from communication, trust, decision making, and leadership. Personal values help create individual character and also create personal management styles and perspectives that affect day- to- day operations in business. Managers must be able to adapt to changing environments and a changing economy. The ability to communicate whether it is through the traditional face-to-face method or the modern e-mail method, communication is a necessary skill and is important for successful management today. Trust is also a very important to have as a manager. According to DeGroski (2005), “Trust may be thought of as individual’s...
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