Personal Values

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Elasticity Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: April 9, 2013
From my perspective, Values are those things that define and really matter to us. The ideas, beliefs and convictions we hold as special. It stands for what is beneficial, important, useful, desirable, etc. Each individual has their own unique values guiding their choices which we call Personal values, whereas there are the broadly shared societal sets of beliefs which are known as Cultural values. I will be discussing my personal values and its correlation to the cultural values of the San Antonio College community and how these values will help in the accomplishment of my educational and career goals. According to Morris Massey, a well-known sociologist, values are said to be developmental, starting from birth to age 21. This led me to consult with my mom, who had known me all my life, about some of the characteristics she had noticed during this period. It came to me as no surprise when she mentioned ‘resilience’. This attribute is one of the main reasons I’m where I am today. Resiliency is the ability of an individual to cope with various kinds of adversities and bounce back to a previous state without any negative effect. These adversities may be physical, mental or even spiritual. Growing up in a family raised by a single parent, it’s not hard to tell why I have this personality. Research has shown that struggling parents utilize practices to help promote resilience within families. A certain sociologist, Christopher B. Doob, pointed out that, "Children growing up in resilient families have received significant support for doing well as they enter the social world--starting in daycare programs and then in schooling." This one quality laid the foundation to many others such as intuitiveness, inquisitiveness, self-reliance and more to come. As I grew older, I built on these virtues of mine, which played a major role in my upbringing, by putting them into action. A very good example of this was in high school. I had just been given a science...
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