Personal Values

Topics: God, Virtue, Good and evil Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: April 5, 2013
I often feel that our society is desperately struggling to validate personal values in an individual`s upbringing. To me, there are many personal values I could talk about on this essay. The three most important values are the love of God, Family, and education ethics to be fully successful in life. First and foremost God the creator is, has been, and will always be the beginning and the end; the Alpha and Omega. When I refer to having God present in our lives, it comes to my mind the first commandment written in the bible; this is to love our Lord our God above all things, which brings me to mention Faith. I would describe Faith, as the core value to begin with. There are many passages in the bible that explain how to have Faith, and how to apply it at times of need. For example, Job also known as a man full of faith not only had He faith in God, but He trusted and believed God was on his side after being attacked by the devil who took all Job`s possessions hindering him to deny God. Instead, Job`s faith, trust, and belief drove him to obtain wisdom and to stand for what He believed was one of his most precious asset, The love of God. Second, family values such as friendship, obedience, and respect lead an individual on to a much higher ground. I was always told when I was little that I must love God, then mom and dad, then the rest of the world. I thought I was being chastised with this type of thinking because I was under the impression God could be placed in any order. He didn`t have to be the First one since He was already the First one in every position I could possibly imagine. Listening to my elders and respecting them was almost as if my grandpa`s chair had eyes of its own looking at me and nodding with a head of its own telling me what I should, or shouldn`t do. “If you treat others with respect, they will always treat you back with respect” “don`t do anything bad, so no bad will do anything to you,” were my mom`s words every time I...
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