Personal Trainer

Topics: Parenthetical referencing, Style guide, The MLA Style Manual Pages: 7 (1481 words) Published: April 14, 2013
2013 Senior Project

(Your Name Here)

Ms. Terra Avery
Ms. Mecca Handy


(Date due)

Research Paper Outline

MLA Style

I. Introduction

II. Nature of Work

III. Working Conditions

IV. Training, Qualifications, Advancement

V. Job Outlook

VI. Earnings (entry, mid, top tier; local, regional, national, world)

VII. Related Occupations

VIII. Conclusions

IX. Works Cited Page

2010 Senior Project Check List

Project Components | Additional Components | My Notes | Date Completed | Choose Career Focus | | | |
News articles | | | |
Autobiographical Essay | | | |
Resume′ | | | |
Outline of career- goal steps | | | |
Preliminary Draft (Research) | | | |
Hard copy - Interview Transcript | | | | Thank-you letter for Interviewee | | | | Revising Process | | | |
Final Draft | | | |
Printed material to accompany presentation | | | | Complete Multimedia | | | |
Senior Project Presentations | | | |

Continue to collect newspaper, magazine, tabloid, etc. articles about your career focus daily.

Senior Project Components

Autobiographical Essay

Formal 4-5 page research paper on selected career focus

Interview with an individual in your selected career focus

Audio, pictorial, or video recording of interview with a person who works in your selected field focus

Transcript of the above interview

Outline of steps required to achieve career goals

Multimedia presentation – PowerPoint or student-created Website (must include a photo component: interview,
research in action, etc.) (Website must be able to be viewed in class)

Printed material to accompany presentation (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) List of ten schools that offer your major

Three completed college application submissions


Thank-You letter to interviewee

Stamped envelope

Newspaper, magazine, and other periodicals related to your focus

Short narrative or summary on what you learned from this process

Portfolio: Level of Performance

Portfolio Element | Unsatisfactory F | Basic C | Proficient B | Distinguished A | Autobiographical Essay | Not Included | Essay included but is of insufficient length , contains errors, and/or fails to engage reader’s interest | Essay is of sufficient length (3 doubled-spaced pages), contains few or no errors, and ideas and experiences are clearly expressed | Essay is of sufficient length (4 doubled-spaced pages); ideas and experiences are expressed clearly with creativity and personality | Audio, Pictorial, or Video Recording of Interview | Not Included | Included, but incomplete or of poor quality | Included, written neatly contains no more that 2 errors | Included and of good quality, questions address all 9 areas of research paper, student also asks original, creative questions | Transcript of Interview | Not Included | Included, but incomplete or containing more than 2 errors | Included, complete, written neatly; contains no more than 2 errors | Included, complete, typed, error-free | Outline of Steps Required to Achieve Career Goals | Not Included | Included, but impractical or containing more than 3 errors | Included, complete, written neatly; contains no more than 2 errors | Included, complete, typed, error-free | Periodicals/ brochures related to career choice | Not Included | Included, but not related to career choice or not labeled with pertinent information | Included, related to career focus and properly labeled | Included, 100% relevant...
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