Personal Tragedy Essay

Topics: Army, Suicide, Family Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Personal tragedies occur to everyone whether he or she is rich or poor. Many people face tragedies in their lives and they have a deep depression which they have to deal with. If they think about it every day it will only make it worse. Families who lose their love ones especially in war experience great pain and grief which take a long time to heal. Tragedies can occur anytime anywhere. Humans have to realize the importance of losing their loved one. In the book “Things They Carried” the character Lavender and his group lose a lot of his soldiers during the Vietnam War and Lt.Cross faces a personal tragedy when lavender gets shot because he feels it’s his fault. In today’s world people are dying everywhere but especially in the Middle East where about 4,000 American Soldiers have died in the war and also many civilians are being killed. The families of the deceased American Soldiers have to suffer the tragedies People faced with tragedies and they have to overcome and move on with their lives. I have also had personnel tragedy when I lost a loved one from my family. My grandfather and I really had a special bond. He had a heart problem I was really sad and confused because I kept saying to myself it’s not true. I make a text to self-connection. In the book “The Things They Carried” Kiowa sees her friends die in the war Norman Bowker commits suicide because of all the stress in the war. It is like they are fighting a meaningless war because they don’t know what they are fighting about. Humans have dealt with tragedies overtime and noticed they can overcome it. In the book “The Things They Carried” Ted lavender group faces a series of tragedies throughout they war. When Lt. Cross dies and also Kiowa dies in the pile of sh**t field. In the book “Rite of passage” by Richard Wright the protagonist Johnny finds out the family he has been living with is a foster family and he decides to run away thinking the streets will take care of him but he tragically...
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