Personal to Politics: Animal Testing

Topics: Cosmetics, Mascara, Human Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Personal to Political Essay
As a child, and also as the youngest person in my entire family, I was always curious about make-up and amazed how it completely changed the faces of certain individuals. I thought it was incredible that a few simple swipes of a brush on your face could transform almost anything into “beautiful”. I remember watching and reading advertisements and walking through the mall while random individuals would ask you to sample their cosmetics. It seemed completely insane that cosmetics was such a big deal to some people, but I honestly could not wait until I was able to try make-up. I remember observing my cousins and my mother while they were getting ready for the day, and continued to become more and more curious to see why it was such a massive deal to most females. When the time came, age thirteen to be exact, I was finally allowed to see what all of the hoopla was about. Though my mother only allowed me to try the most basic amount of make-up, by the most basic company, I was still excited to put my curiosity to rest. However, while playing with eyeliner, it seemed completely terrifying to put an object that resembled a pencil so close to my eye. This strange, but seemingly rational fear made me decide to wait a few more years before I gave cosmetics another try. As middle school arrived more and more of my friends began wearing eyeliner and mascara and foundation (however, girls in middle school did not understand that make-up was created to heighten beauty, not create a totally different person) and I again attempted with make-up. I began with eyeliner, but still stayed away from the powders and foundations, due to the fact that it feels like you’re literally caking liquid and powder on your face. Once high school arrived, I became an eyeliner professional and my friends finally realized that when applying make-up, it isn’t a contest to see how much you can stick on your face. However, in tenth grade, the idea and act of cosmetics...
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