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Personal Sucess Plan 1

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Personal Sucess Plan 1

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Personal success Plan Part III
Karen Young
November 5, 2012
Dr. Spector

Team leadership skills is the influence of guiding and empowering others instruction and direction of individuals (the team) for the sole purpose of the team completing a task. There are five leadership skills that every team should possess. They are as followed: • Understanding behavioral styles

• Listening and effectively communicating
• Giving praise
• Handling criticism
• Using problem-solving and persuasion instead of criticism Behavioral styles in team leadership a key to effective leadership lies in understanding individual behavioral styles (Bruns, Rachel, 2008). Acknowledging this better equips me to work with my team. We each have our own individual work ethics and styles in how we work some people are more analytical, and prefer details and facts or a broader picture. Most anyone can work in a team, but there is always a person who lacks following through. However, there are those who like to work alone and take loads of credit. Therefore creating a positive team climate is vital to the workplace. I recall one day, I was an overseer for a teaching team who was given areas of data to complete by a certain deadline. Well one of the teammates would flounce around and take her time making excuses for why her part was not completed. Others were upset and felt as though their colleague was slacking while they completed their tasks. They even asked her if she needed help and she said no, I got this, but yet and still there was less than 1 week to either meet or exceed the deadline.

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